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Where is God in your busy world? Feeling disconnected? Lost your God connection?

Walking with those seeking closer company with God is the calling of a spiritual director. Drawing on my years of Franciscan life and a business career of many years in the everyday world I encourage you to explore your own experience of God, find ways to put your faith into daily life to deal with your doubts, fears and struggles.  

God has given us the wonderful power tools of prayer, meditation, discernment and community to help us know that we are not alone. Come and see how sharing hopes, struggles and dreams in the company of God and a spiritual companion can renew your hope and heal your God connection.

Regain or renew your God connection and put it into practice. Sister Judy is active in direction with those seeking to improve or heal their spiritual walk in family and business life as well as anyone serving in ministry or formation. She is experienced in the 12 step recovery programs. 

No religious affiliation required for spiritual direction or inquiries.  All are welcome. 

Announcing a New Community for those who always wanted to explore being a Franciscan or those who would like to be Companions with those who are.  Married or Single, Male or Female may inquire. Our New Community is for those who work and live and serve in their own communties.  

Want to know more?

Get to know me on Meet Sister Judy page. 

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